Creating classics
in constellations of communities

Our Story Begins with People

Madaar was founded in 2015 to solve a uniquely Egyptian need; integrating smart design, solidity, luxury, and boutique living into community building.

Stemming from the larger, hospitality-focused Sunrise Group, we became a new developer with an already proven track record as everything we continue to create orbits around the best possible version of the human experience.

Through forward-thinking strategic planning, innovative design ideas, and selective partnerships with other experts, Madaar residents are now in a unique position, between effortless luxury and truly thriving communities.

Inspired by the stars

Maadar prides itself on tailoring luxury living to the nature of every project. We take the time to study the area, take into account its elements and climate, and then design for its people.

Just like every star shines a different light, every Maadar property boasts a unique style designed by experts to match its residents’ lifestyles and adapt to the environment around it.

Our Place in Real Estate


We want to undo the myth of real estate. We believe in steady, studied growth. This means tailoring our luxury living solutions to different lifestyles. Without ever compromising on quality, we continue to build human-centrically


Maadar has set its course towards being a leading, young developer in integrating the best in the world of hospitality into everyday lives. We aim to offer our customers boundless options of luxury living as we expand our scope across Egypt’s beaches and urban centers

A Synergy of Both Worlds

A New Shining Example of Luxury

Madaar is in a unique position to continue setting new standards for luxury living with projects that merge the two worlds of real estate and expert hospitality. Our imaginative designs and reliable construction are matched with the keen eye for detail of our sister company Sunrise Resorts and Cruises; a hospitality giant with over 20 different operations across Egypt and Africa.

As a result, our properties are shining examples of communities coming together around a shared standard. A standard Madaar sets by incorporating year-round resort elements like fully furnished units and imaginative hotels into each project

Four Values.
Infinite Possibilities.

At our corporate offices, sales offices, construction sites, and beyond, all of us at Madaar work with these four values


Because we build communities, we rely on trust as a founding stone


As individuals towards our actions, or as a whole towards the environment


Because we lead by example, this starts with us and trickles to neighbors


We earn our place by being reliable

Our Values in Practice

These values are at the heart of everything we do. They are the governing principles of every step the company takes.

This class of steady steps saw Madaar  starting to deliver Azha’s early phases in 2019 after it had already cemented the property as the reliable go-to leisure destination in Ain Sokhna.

As our portfolio of successes keeps growing, we continue to bring a solid foundation of luxury and leisure into everyday life.

Azha Ain Sokhna

Stretching across 1.6 million square meters on the budding left side of Sokhna - 12 KM from the Ain Sokhna toll station. Azha includes 20 bijou villages, with 1,500 units already delivered, served by boutique-style amenities, a thriving downtown area, a lively beach club, parks, a clubhouse, and an innovative resort, making it suitable for year-round living.

Azha Ras Al Hekma

Setting our sights northwards, Azha Ras Al Hekma on the North Coast spans 250 Feddan in the area around Kilo 214 in the heart of Ras Al Hikmah Bay, an area famed for its clear waters and sandy beaches.

The immaculate master plan by the award-winning design firm WATG makes every property water-facing. Azha North’s standalone villas, twin and townhouses, chalets, and serviced and branded hotel apartments all evoke a sense of return to the golden days of Sahel, as contemporary architecture is matched with design elements from classic beach experiences and colors.

The Future

The expansion of where Madaar Development operates is written in the stars. As we extend our expertise in all directions, we are careful to create with our customers in mind. Always building experiences for them first.

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